How to Get More MoverCoins?

At first, Jane wasn’t sure what to make of MoverCoin. After all, this was just another social media platform, and she had been on all of them. Why would this one be any different?

But then she started to get notifications that she was earning MoverCoins for the things she posted. Comments, likes, shares and posts… it all added up. And soon enough, she had enough MoverCoins to exchange for a new course to help her learn better ways to run her moving business.

She was hooked. The more she engaged with the community on 7 Figure Moving Academy, the more MoverCoin rewards she got. It felt good to be appreciated by her peers, and even better to have something to show for it.

She was thrilled to find out that she could earn rewards by engaging with her friends and providing value to the community. She quickly became one of the most active users on the network, and soon found herself amassing a small fortune in MoverCoin. Thanks to Jane’s involvement, 7 Figure Moving Academy flourished and became a valuable resource for all its users.

What is a MoverCoin?

MoverCoin is our form of social currency on 7 Figure Moving Academy. It’s a fun way to be rewarded for your activity on our platform, which is completely FREE! Earn rewards, private group access and more just for providing value to the community and being an active member!

New rewards are always being added, so stay on the lookout!