Human Resources Document Tool Kit


If you’re tired of the ups and downs of having enough crew than not having enough crew; if you sick and tired of “no call, no shows”; if you’re looking for a simple way of managing your crew and knowing which ones are good and which you need to get rid of…

Then you need the Human Resources Document Tool Kit.

This kit will give you the follow:

How to pay your crew so that they want to stay and work

  • Job checklists that maintain job quality and standard operating procedures
  • Job description examples and templates to help you hire the best people and avoid the losers
  • Company handbook examples that you can copy and apply
  • How to establish company vision that gets applied
  • And how to discipline the crew for greater efficiency and productivity
  • And much, much more…

With this tool kit you’ll be light years ahead of most of your competition and this will help you to expand and scale your business quickly and efficiently. Avoiding most of the pitfalls and traps that new and small moving businesses often run into.



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This is a downloadable product. You’ll download a .Zip file which you’ll need to open. After you download the file you’ll right click you mouse and choose the “open” option. Once this is down you’ll have full access to all the documents, templates, and files.


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