7FMA Mastermind

What is the Mastermind?

The mastermind group is a perfect opportunity for all members to share their skills and brainstorm new strategies. It’s not just about creating new business ideas, it’s also important that you are held accountable.

The benefits of joining a mastermind group are invaluable. You will have the opportunity to brainstorm, educate and motivate your peers while holding each other accountable for achieving success in business or personal goals alike! Essentially, Masterminds provide an environment where members can challenge one another on how they’re doing as well as providing support when needed so that all may succeed together.

The moving mastermind group is facilitated by leader of 7 Figure Moving Academy, Jae Burnham.

Jae helps the group to dive deeply into fruitful discussions, and work with members to create success — as each member defines it. Facilitators are the secret to thriving mastermind groups. 

The group process of brainstorming, exchanging ideas and coming up with innovative solutions to problems is one way that the mastermind network can help you reach your goals. First create a goal then design an implementation plan which will be helped by both successes stories from other members as well problem solving skillsets taught through this wonderful system!

Mastermind groups are an excellent way for people who want support, creativity and guidance from other mentors. The members of this group will give each other total honesty with respect and compassion in order to help grow together as individuals while being open minded enough about ideas that may differ from yours!

What a mastermind group is NOT

Imagine a world where people are always on time, everyone has great relationships with each other and there is no stress. Sounds pretty sweet doesn’t it? That’s what we want for our future! But how do you get there? A mastermind group can help by bringing together like-minded individuals in order to achieve goals that will make them all happy (and this includes YOU!). The key difference between these types of events vs just meeting up when somebody wants advice or needs support through tough times – well let me tell ya…

  • It’s not just a class. The most important part about being a member of this group is not just getting ideas from others, but also brainstorming and working together to make those plans happen. There are some instances where members may vote for guest speakers or teachers (although they’re usually limited) so that we have new perspectives on our topics; however the main focus should always remain among ourselves as we support one another through challenges faced by all our moving companies across America!
  • It’s not just group coaching. Mastermind groups are a great way for members of any profession or field to share ideas, advice and feedback with each other. The key ingredient in making sure the conversation stays balanced is by having all participants participate actively!
  • It’s not just a mentoring group. Masterminds are not always about asking questions and expecting answers. A mastermind group, for example is a place where both the facilitator helps members get past their problems by providing guidance in how they can take action on what needs done next while also getting feedback from other likeminded individuals who want nothing more than success just as much you do!
  • It’s not just a networking group. Meeting with other like-minded individuals to share leads and resources, while not the main focus of this group’s meetings will allow you plenty of joint venture opportunities. You’ll also find professional networking in your shared experiences throughout these interactions!

Are you ready to join the Mastermind?

I am working hard on bringing this incredible group packed with tons of value to you. Watch this space for more information – I will be sending out notices with more details when the group is just about ready to start meeting.